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Advanced Air Purification at its Best

Today, more than ever, we are concerned with the air we breathe and the surfaces we touch.  Triad Aer advanced air purification system takes care of both surfaces and air.  Breath fresh clean air in your home or office.  Protect your family and staff from harmful germs, viruses and bacteria.   Covering up 3000 square feet, just one Triad Aer V3 will cover most areas!

Four Advanced Air Purification Technologies

Needlepoint Ionization

Its Needlepoint Ionization creates a stream of negative ions that circulate through your home and cause dust, dander and other particles to clump together and fall harmlessly out of your breathing space.

Advanced Photo Catalytic Oxidation

Advanced Photo Catalytic Oxidation and Scalable Purification both work to break down odors, mold, bacteria and even viruses. This breakdown produces harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Scalable Purification

Triad Aer can be easily adjusted to the preferred purification setting for your area.  Using these settings provides optimum performance and comfort.

“These machines are excellent for removing the various allergens from the indoor environment, thereby alleviating allergic reactions.”

– John E. Stauch, PHD.; Immunologist; Annandale Medical Services, Inc

“We always had an odor problem at our busy veterinary hospital due to having so many animals in the building. However, after using your machines, we are pleased to report that there is no trace of odor.”

– Robert M. Byrd, D.V.M.; Hospital Director; Audubon Animal Hospital